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With TestChest, Organis GmbH created an innovative full physiologic artificial lung that provides a breakthrough in mechanical ventilation training. TestChest promotes a safe and controlled environment free from risks of the clinical environment and eliminates the necessity of training on animals.

Technical Specifications

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Unique simulation features

TestChest® has unique features in terms of representing complex breathing patterns through programmable driving pressure (p0.1) and respiratory rate. Muscular activity, important criteria for weaning, can be easily simulated.

TestChest® has variable resistance and its inspiratory compliance is a non-linear function that can be represented as S-shape curve.
TestChest® has a programmable FRC and allows the simulation of lung collapse and recruitment as well as hysteresis of the pressure-volume loop.

Artificial Finger

TestChest® realistically replicates gas exchange and hemodynamic responses.

TCP/IP communication

The communication with TestChest® is effectuated via standard TCP/IP network connections. TestChest® includes a user interface software that runs on any windows PC to be connected via Ethernet interface to the simulator.
• Selection of preconfigures patients scenarios.
• Selection of preconfigured spontaneous breaths.
• Calibration procedure.
• Setting of parameters for beginners and advanced users.
• Storing new patients’ scenarios and saving the records in a CSV file.

Calibration on national standards

The calibration TestChest® is based on national standards due to the detachable calboard module. The latter contains alveolar, airway, and ambient
pressure sensors as well as a temperature and oxygen sensors. A mass flow controller for CO2 delivery, programmable dead space and leakage are available.

Accurate for years of use

TestChest® consists of two bellows driven by a linear motor. The large volume ensures a realistic replication of vital capacity and FRC of an ICU
adult patient. TestChest® features a detachable calibration module, which makes it accurate for years of use.

Checking functionalities

TestChest® is not only limited to training as it is further intended to check the functionalities of ventilators, CPAP devices and other respiratory support devices in laboratories facilities.