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Here is the multi-national team behind our awesome high fidelity simulators:

Josef X. Brunner
Dr. sc. techn., ETH Zürich. Post-doc in Salt Lake City for a NASA Space Station Project, different  management positions in medical-technical industry, including CEO of Hamilton Medical, Bonaduz, CH. Expert of KTI for the division Life Science, today CEO of Swisstom AG and co-owner of Organis GmbH.

Stephan H. Böhm
Dr. med. Hamburg, Germany. Anaesthesiologist, Intensive- and Emergency medical doctor, author of many publications in ICU, ventilation and patient monitoring. Experience for years in education of medicines worldwide. Industrial mandate at Philips and GE, today Medical Director of Swisstom AG an co-owner of Organis GmbH.

Roman Fuchs
Specialist in mechanical engineering  and project management of industrial projects, branch manager of Paul Keller subsidiary Landquart, founder of Fuchs Construction, today Co-owner and CEO of Fuchs-Engineering GmbH and co-owner of der Organis GmbH.

Mario Fuchs
Specialist in mechanical engineering, manufacturing and assembling systems  MBA and Engineer in mechanics and design. Different mandates as engineer in Switzerland and other countries, today co-owner of Fuchs-Engineering GmbH and co-owner of Organis GmbH.

Kaouther. Saihi
Dr. Sc. Techn., University Paris Est. PhD in Engineering sciences with Dräger Medical and Geneva University Hospital. Today Product Manager of Organis GmbH.